Bringing Wonderland and all its curious residents to you, join Alice on an adventure full of riddles, circus skills, magic, dance, song and above all playful interaction. Let us wrap the story around you, taking you down the Rabbit Hole and beyond!

This act is primarily interactive walkabout theatre, except for our staged Mad Hatter’s Tea Party. We offer prepared scenes that are open to improvisation in response to the audience’s input. It is also extremely adaptable for different settings and audiences. We are delighted to work to brief drawing from the pool of variously skilled performers in our family, including; stilts, acrobatics, ballet, tap, singing, magic, caricaturing, juggling, MC-ing.

Suggested Events

Indoor parties, outdoor parties, shopping centres, literary events, family fun days, festivals.


  • Individual characters or wandering
  • scenes, 1-12 performers3x45 walkabout minute sets per day
  • Max head height
  • 9’Parking requiredClean, secure dressing room appropriate for the number of performers booked, with table and
  • chairs for makeup
  • Full PLI

Excess Baggage

  • Queen of Hearts and Caterpillar-stilts charged
  • as skisTea Party Table-oversize table top (not heavy)