We think this is a case of having your cake and eating it – in chocolate form! This delicious creation debuted at country house venues in the winter of 2009. An instant success with party-goers or wedding guests alike, the concept of a glamorous, 1950s inspired usherette offering chocolate bon-bons while looking as tempting as the contents of the tray, was memorable to say the least.

The delicious Mademoiselle du Cocoa can be as demure or chatty as the occasion demands. She succeeds as an interactive ice breaker or a diversionary backdrop and will enhance any stylish gathering with ease.

Suggested Events

Indoor parties, weddings, cabaret nights.


3x30min walkabout sets or as long as the chocolates last!
Chocolates (or other treats) supplied by us or by you
Dressing room for one
Parking for one car
Full PLI