Perfect for any context; fully staged, pop-up, mix and mingle or a combination of all three, our fabulous and talented trio will light up the room. In various incarnations to suit many themes including Christmas, Vintage, Alice in Wonderland and the perfect English summer party with Mr Wippy and knickerbocker Glory, we offer classic crooning, fan dancing, tap and a bit of ballet with humour and our usual gorgeous costumes.

The cast includes Slim Ditty, our compere and crooner with a wit as sharp as his winklepickers and May-Lou our leading lady who sings and dances with more than a nod to the classic era of 1950s Hollywood glamour. They are accompanied either by the Chocolate Girl, a Conette, Miss Mistletoe or a supporting character from Wonderland depending on the theme. As well as singing and dancing we love a sing-a-long (and so do our audiences) and usually end with a conga line.

We can bring some classic entertainment to any event with a very flexible approach to staging, so please do enquire for more details.

Suggested Events

Indoor parties, shopping centre events, Alice in Wonderland events, Hollywood parties, Summer Balls, Christmas parties.


Up to 3 x 30 min sets which can be staged or mix and mingle or a combination of both
3 performers with costume changes
House PA with 2 microphones or ours
Dressing room for 3
Parking for one car
Full PLI

Excess Baggage

1 pair of stilts charged as ski’s/golf clubs
If travelling abroad, client to provide PA