With the support of the Bath Fringe Festival, Curious Company has produced their latest offering, The Department of Complaints.

In honour of our national pastime, we have developed a show that celebrates, promotes and encourages GRUMBLING. In the form of a pop-up (weatherproof) office and with the aid of form E67/13B, some useful props (including standard rose-tinted glasses) and the occasional strongly worded letter, Dusty and Sandy will hear your grumble and if necessary, take it further. No grumble is too big or too small for the department.

Vaguely 1960s in style and with a nod to the surreality of Mars Attacks, grumblers of all ages can either sit down and fill out a form (about 5-10 mins) or simply post their grumble on the outside of the tent, which then becomes a stimulating, visual spectacle over the course of the day.

After their consultation with the department, almost all of our clients feel much better, and those that don’t are in the perfect place to do something about it.

The Department of Complaints is an essential addition to any event, happily handling any issues that might arise. Need to vent, let off some steam, got a problem, noticed a niggle? Let’s grumble!


Dusty and Sandy sit at their desks and can consult with up to 2 couples at a time. Each consultation involves filling out a form, the questions on which have been written to encourage a humorous but stimulating conversation and lasts between 5-10 minutes depending on how involved the client gets. The form is suitable for all ages but with kids we tend to edit the questions a bit. We also get the clients to dress up and use props to assist with processing their grumble, which helps them see things in a new light.

If the queue dies down and we get a quiet moment, the girls can go out into the field and collect grumbles from passers-by, which they can then post on the board. Alternatively they can host the posting boards and encourage grumblers to ‘take it further’.

Suggested Events

Theatre festivals, Community events, outdoor parties, shopping centres, family fun days, festivals.


  • Installation (3m x 3m gazebo)
  • Scenes 3x 1 hour sets per day – 2 performers 
  • Parking required 
  • Clean, secure dressing room appropriate for the two performers
  • Full PLI

Excess Baggage

  • Gazebo and table and chairs provided by client or transportation charge optional.