Dr Dusty Russet, purveyor of Russet’s Homespun Wonder Tonics has arrived in town with his all-singing all-dancing troupe The Ballyhoo Allstars. Together they demonstrate the efficacy of his miracle elixirs with some nifty song and dance numbers inspired by the folk, blues and jazz musicians of depression era rural America. So step up and let Dr Russet and his companions work their magic. Guaranteed it’s good for what ails you!

Dr Russet’s Travelling Medicine Show is a devised theatre piece inspired by the travelling medicine shows popular in late 19thC early 20thC rural America. Centred around a doctor (of questionable qualification), purveying a particular brand of medicinal tonics, the shows would feature song and dance numbers designed to draw in the crowds and help weaken sales resistance. Some shows employed comedy acts, magicians, snake handlers, escape artists, freak shows and myriad others.

Suggested Events

Festivals, Dance and music events, American themed events, outdoor or indoor parties, drinks promotion.


30 min staged show
13amp power
House PA with 6 channels or our PA
24’ square flat open space, audience on 1 or 3 sides
5 performers
Parking for 2 cars
Full PLI
Dressing room for 5