This show combines entertainment with education to promote insect conservation. We have collected stories, facts, dances and songs from around the world to create an interactive, global bug safari. Led by the Old Green Grasshopper, Miss Ladybird and Arachne the Spider and aided by the magic peach and the kids’ imaginations, our aim is to change peoples’ perceptions of insects, opening their eyes to the vital contribution the many species make to our existence.

We can also offer insect handling sessions with Nick Wadham,, the UK’s top exotic visit provider and insect themed craft sessions with a variety of high quality artists.

Suggested Events

Family fun days, shopping centres, festivals, science and nature events.


3×30 minute shows per day
3 performers
13 amp power required
Space required-16’ wide by 20’ deep by 13’ high plus space for the  audience. We bring some fake grass mats for kids to sit on.
Parking for one car
Dressing room for 3
Full PLI

Insect Handling and Crafts
Variable sets and size, please call/write to discuss
Full PLI
Parking required for each activity nearby