This is a mobile, musical, street theatre show with a vintage ice cream van. The styling is reminiscent of the great Hollywood musicals of the 1940s and 1950s, tailored to suit family audiences. The show is funny and light hearted, offering a delightful escape from the mundane. 

The characters, Mr Wippy the wonderfully mauve compere and crooner, Knickerbocker Glory “she’s not just a sauce, she’s a knickerbocker glory”, our effervescent leading lady and The Conettes the delicious chorus line duo, all sing and dance classic musical numbers with lyrics rewritten to honour our ice cream theme.

The cast offers tap workshops for up to 12 kids after each show.
We are happy to host other acts on our stage between shows.

Suggested Events

Outdoor shopping centres, family fun days, festivals, outdoor parties, foodie events, seaside events.


3x 30 minute shows per day, (show 20 mins, workshop 10 mins)
4 performers, 1 crew
Space required-16’ wide by 18’ deep and min 12’ high, flat and hard, plus space for the audience, with vehicle access.
13 amp power
Parking for 1 extra car
Dressing room for 4
Full PLI
Security for van if left onsite overnight

Travel note
The van is old and slow so for events more than 100 miles from home the van and driver leave the day before.