The Colours is a very visual walkabout stilt piece based simply on abstract shape, colour and movement. It is an adaptable piece that can suit a wide variety of environments. For a family audience the characters can play interactive games, for a more adult audience The Colours can be seen as an abstract dance piece or living sculpture that animates the space. There are up to ten Colours including 4 on four legs, 4 on two legs and 2 on foot. We suggest they work best with several of them and a minimum of 2. The foot Colours can also be acrobats.

Suggested Events

Family fun days, outdoor events, art themed events, shopping centres, festivals.


3×45 min walkabout sets per day
2-10 performers
Max head height 9’
Dressing room
Full PLI

Excess Baggage

Stilts charged as sporting equipment (like skis or golf sticks)