In response to the climate crisis and to feed our twin loves of tidying up and disco, we have made The Disco Litter Queens.

We have found that tidying up is much easier when powered by the undeniable force of Disco. The Queens are in their happy place when tidying up to a top tune at your event. They can’t help dancing while they work and love it even more when other people join them. With a soundtrack filled with classic disco tunes it is really hard not to and if you find yourself enjoying the chore even half as much as the Queens then their work is double done.

We are hoping to encourage a sense of community engagement and connection with the public spaces we all occupy. There seems to be a bit of a taboo about picking up littler, especially in busy places, so if we can give people a fun experience and change the way they feel about that, we will have achieved our mission.

We love the Keep Britain Tidy campaign and The Wombles are our heroes. We also really love disco.

The Disco Litter Queen are a fun and thoroughly useful addition to any event, happily grooving as they tidy (or are they tidying while they groove?) Street in a mess? Site got a bit grubby? Let’s Tidy!


The Queens are well equipped with portable bins, both for general trash and recycling and a mini sound system with the greatest disco playlist ever (feel free to ask for a share). The mission is to pass on the joy of the tidy so there are pick-up tools and disco moves to share.

Suggested Events

Community events, outdoor parties, shopping centres, family fun days, street theatre festivals, music festivals.


  • Somewhere to empty the collected rubbish and recycling required
  • Scenes 3x 45min sets per day – 2 performers 
  • Parking required 
  • Clean, secure dressing room appropriate for the two performers
  • Full PLI

Excess Baggage

  • 2 wheelie trollies (folding).