9 almost sell-out shows in Marlborough and Devizes Leisure Centre pools brought audiences from Wiltshire and Gloucestershire directly into Ariel’s undersea world, transforming the spaces from municipal familiarity to fantasy water world. We were told many times the space will never feel the same again. Our Mermaids came from the Calne Alpha 4 Synchro Swim Team and were delightful and extremely hard working. We were so impressed with Jaz who not only starred in the show but also choreographed and co-coached the girls. Our small cast of Paul Bradley (Triton), Emily Campbell (Ursula), both opera singers and Russel Boodie (The Prince) and Kim Noble (the lovely Princess) contemporary dancers, all did amazingly well to fill the unwieldy pool spaces with their presence and cope with the conditions. We all had to get past various personal issues with working in and around water not least of course with bringing electrical kit into the mix. Thanks to Wiltshire Council and the staff at the pools for their risk taking and unfailing support and of course to the Arts Council. The show is itching for another airing, so do get in touch with any ideas or enquiries. Click here to see the video.