This humorous, acrobatic walkabout is about Old Aged Pensioners. The story is simple-they have escaped from the home they have been sent to by their families and are off their meds. They are interactive, a bit cheeky and full of life-it is amazing what you can get away with at their age! We hope to paint a picture of young people trapped in old people’s bodies and to investigate what kind of OAP we hope to be. We play with passers-by, each other and our zimmer frames becoming surprisingly acrobatic at moments of excitement.

Suggested Events

Indoor and outdoor parties, street theatre festivals, shopping centre events, family fun days, age-related theme.


3 x 45 min walkabout sets
2-3 performers
Parking and dressing room required
Full PLI and RA

Excess Baggage

Zimmer frames charged as sporting equipment