Curious Company produces the highest quality theatrical entertainment for events, parties and campaigns.

We offer a wardrobe of ready-made characters and also enjoy working with clients to realise their ideas. We are specialists in all things Wonderland. We revel in bringing something magical and relevant whatever the context. Our work can gently bring the audience into the story we are telling, making it a playful, first-hand experience for each individual or provide a visual spectacle to be viewed from a distance.

Our performers have between them an eclectic mix of physical skills and all are at the top of their fields. We love mixing up the skills and sprinkle them liberally throughout our shows to enhance character traits or just entertain. We also pay special attention to everyone’s energy, both our performers and the audience’s, we know how important it is to pitch our performances sensitively, different for each audience.

We also really enjoy creating work that promotes a social cause or resolves an issue. This work is collaborative in nature and uses theatre and performance as a powerful tool to affect change. We have helped our local council bring life back to the High Street, bring new audiences to the library, change the way people feel about the leisure centre and reconnect with local history. We have used synchronised swimming mermaids, town scrapbooks and recreated Suffragette meetings.

We can help the client; sell stuff, break the ice, educate, entertain, look more glamorous and cultured, change opinions, get lost in the moment and ultimately have fun.

I think that’s it!