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Pierrot Liberty Show rehearsals - Curious Company

Pierrot Liberty Show rehearsals

Having made Pierrot and Pierrette this summer as our first foray into working with a horse (a liberty show), we are continuing to develop the relationship between the performers, Mel, Marie-Louise and Lante. As with all performing relationships but particularly that with an animal, the success and enjoyment of the show depends on a deep level of trust. We are loving the process and developing new moves and moods each time we get together. We have found the best and most fun way to go is through play and as we have no fixed outcome for the piece we are constantly being surprised by what comes up. Mel is also training up at least two more horses who we hope to incorporate into a bigger show in time. Until then, the Pierrot show is available for garden parties and country shows, contact Louise@curiouscompany.net to discuss your event.

Here is a link to the rehearsal video

Barehoof Performance Rehearsals

Barehoof Performance – A glimpse into some of our practice & rehearsals. Productions with GDance & Curious Company.

Posted by Barehoof Performance on Sunday, 23 September 2018

And a link to the show page https://curiouscompany.co.uk/acts/pierrot-and-pierrette/


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