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The Tulip Queen at Michael Evis's Michaelmas Banquet - Curious Company

The Tulip Queen at Michael Evis’s Michaelmas Banquet

The Tulip Queen https://curiouscompany.co.uk/acts/the-tulip-queen-and-her-fool/was much amused by all the fabulous entertainment at the Michaelmas banquet in the Tithe Barn in Pilton. Everyone looked delicious and the food was good too. A cup (or two) was raised to the Goose as it’s grand entrance was celebrated by the Rabbit Hole’s Hamish Guerrini and the house band who then went on to serenade the guests with their own version of karaoke called Karafolkie-new songs with an old twist. If you haven’t heard ‘Staying Alive’ played in the Early English style, you haven’t lived!

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